The {online,reliable,fast} dependency manager

Adepthub - online dependency manager
  • That 'knows what WORKS with what'
  • Builds the same thing EVERY time
  • Fast PARALLEL downloads
  • Reliable caching that never BLOWS up

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You a DEV?

Here's six features that might interest you

1# Online resolution
We know that you do not want to spend your time on dependencies. Adepthub uses Adept to do online resolution. Finding libraries and using them will never be easier

2# Compatibility Matrices
Adept's meta-data makes it possible to 'know what works with what'. Adept makes it possible to and encourages library authors to define the compatibitly matrices, so you do not have to worry about it

3# Fast downloads
Adepthub plugins makes it possible to download your libraries faster than ever. On top of that Adept is built with caching in mind, so no more downloads of libraries you know you already have

4# Easy to update
To bothered to update your dependencies? Your are not alone! Adepthub uses Adept's resolution process to make it safe and easy to update your libraries

5# Import
Adepthub imports (your) existing Ivy (and maven) dependencies and adds meta-data

6# Build tool support
We know infrastructure is sticky - yuck! That doesn't mean you cannot use Adepthub though. Adepthub marries the ease and power of Adept with your existing build tools: sbt, Maven, Ant or Gralde - even without plugins! Adepthub will also have a REST API and a command line tool for those who do not use a build tool.

You make Libraries?

Well then, these features might interest you

1# Free and easy to publish
Public hosting is free & publishing have never been easier

2# Advanced stats
Ever wondered which versions are used and with what? Adepthub gives you the answers

3# Reach out
Got a new release or perhaps there is some urgent security fix that should be used? Keep your users up-to-date with notifications and make them update their modules with the click of a button

4# Private repositories
Do you want to securely and easily share libraries? Adepthub is a perfect fit for you!

5# Licenses
Adepthub infers which licenses your projects are compatible with based on the licenses of the dependencies

6# Trophies
Are you awesome? Gain trophies and show your awesomeness to the world!

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